Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Linking up with Emma at The Beetle Shack for this weeks Weekly Stills.

Sienna playing with water and dishes in the kitchen.

Sienna's gathering of rubbers (erasers) after giving them all a bath in the sink.

I love the afternoon shadows from the screen doors.

The drying dishes never looked so good in this afternoon light.

Playing catch together in the back yard after school.

An afternoon of skipping in the back yard and I look ever so glamorous in my fluffy socks and slippers but at least I was warm.  The kids don't feel the cold, look at them short sleeves.

Enjoying silly photos with the camera and self timer and skipping.

James turn for some skipping.

Now they are both skipping and I'm trying to make sure there was enough rope for James to jump.

Sienna's creating her latest artwork the Family Tree of Life.

Sienna enjoying an afternoon in the backyard with all her stuffed toy friends.

The "Round Up" at our school fete which both James and Sienna had about 15 goes...they loved it.

Mum and my sisters together for one night after a year and a half as my sister in the grey jacket lives in Perth.  Her and her hubby stopped in for one night on the way to one of the Islands for a holiday.  Our younger brother was killed by a hit and run drunk driver in 1989 aged 17 and we still wish he was here with us today.

Sisters - Eldest to youngest - Fran in the blue stripes, then Michelle in the grey jacket then me in the pink and blue (all one year apart) and then Lisa is 2 years younger than me in the blue hat.

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  1. Lovely snippets of your week Kathy. Your photo with your sisters is really beautiful and so special to have. Have a lovely Monday.