Sunday, July 27, 2014


Linking up with Emma at The Beetle Shack for what's been happening in our week.

We rented the Lego Movie on Tuesday $1.00 day.

Straight after watching the movie the kids got into the Lego box.

Sienna demonstrating how strong she is by carrying James and her bag from the car.

Afternoon clouds above our house.

My dough proving in the backyard.

And now the last 30 minute rise for the Rosemary & Sea Salt Foccacia.

Afternoon jumping on the trampoline.

Sienna made a stick person on the trampoline and wanted me to photograph it so I gave her the camera and put it on auto for her.

Then I suggested to the kids they put the camera on the trampoline pointing up and take a photo of their heads which they did and had fun with.

Sienna was giving James a foot massage while using plastic kitchen gloves and there was lots of laughter.

Catching the train to the footy.

Then the bus to "The Gabba" to see the Brisbane Lions vs the Gold Coast Suns with the Lions winning.

Arriving at The Gabba waiting to meet up with our footy friends.

Sienna's very first time to The Gabba and a Lions Game.

James with his Lions shirt on ready to go in.

On the grounds at The Gabba.

Sienna got right into the spirit of supporting The Lions.....we had heaps of fun and lots of laughs.

The Brisbane Lions running onto the field for their warm up.

James made us some picklets for morning tea which were very well received by Sienna and I and not to mention James as well. YUM YUM YUM.


  1. Lovely photos Kathy! That focaccia looks delicious!

  2. What a fantastic week, how exciting for Sienna to go to her first game I remember how much my oldest loved her first game and was buzzing when she got home. That foccacia looks great, mmm fresh homemade bread is the best. Have a great week Kathy:)

  3. I must sit down and watch The Lego Movie with my kids. They have watched it over and over and laugh every time! Great job on the pikelet making James. I must teach Harry and Till to make I can be the taste-tester!!