Sunday, July 20, 2014


Linking up with The Beetle Shack for Weekly Stills.

Sienna found this heart leaf in our backyard.

We baked little Bread Sticks with Caraway Seeds for school lunch box snacks.

I made some pumpkin soup with pumpkin from our first local Farmers Markets.

Slow Living Magazine has lots of great stories in it and it's the first time I've purchased it.

Celebration of 100 Days of Learning at School involved craft activities for the Preps to Year 3.

Sienna made a strawberry and a little person and had her face painted like a cat.

Afternoon routine of walking to the car from school with this beautiful light.

Sienna put this sign up on the garage door as she had puppy training for her 3 dogs she made out of balloons.

I made some home made yoghurt this week.

Sienna drew this picture for me this week and she told me that she put a "mustache" on James.

I made Sticky Date Muffins with Butterscotch Sauce and Home made Vanilla Bean Ice Cream this week to warm us up.

My first real Home Made Lasagne was a big success.  I usually just make spaghetti Bolognese and be done with it but this was yummy.

A beautiful outing to Sandgate today with low tide being perfect for looking for shells, crabs etc.

Sienna showing Aunty Lisa (my sister) her little crab in a shell she found.

No one's looking but this is how family portraits go sometimes.

Lisa checking out her photos she is taking and Sienna enjoying the mud.

James looking at a jelly fish.

Sienna with her bucket of water and her little creatures.

Fish and Chips for lunch from Doug's Seafood always a treat at Sandgate.


  1. It looks like you had a beautiful week Kathy, you are always very inspiring with all of the things you make and get up to with your children:) Sandgate looks like a lovely spot to visit with children and fish and chips is our favourite way to eat when we are by the water. To answer your question our favourite spot is Wynnum foreshore, very similar to Sandgate I think you will find:) Enjoy your week. Catherine

    1. Thanks Catherine, I thought it might be Wynnum foreshore....I'll put that on our next day out list. Kathy

  2. I'm hungry after eating/oops I mean looking at all your photos!!!!!!!!!!! Those bread sticks look awesome and how did your yoghurt turn out???

    1. Yoghurt is yummy according to the kids....I'm not a fan of yoghurt myself but I know it's great for the kids to eat it. Kathy

  3. Wow … haven't you been busy with all that cooking … it all looks absolutely delicious … specially the sticky date muffins … yummo!!
    I had a little giggle at James' moustache :0)

  4. Oh my, that sticky date pudding looks INCREDIBLE, Kathy!
    Ronnie xo