Sunday, July 13, 2014


Linking up with Emma at The Beetle Shack for Weekly Stills.

My beautiful 8 year old daughter acting so cool and keeping warm in winter.

James was doing a little video of Sienna doing some karate and it was hilarious.

Rustic apple pie for dessert.

Some of Sienna's little friends.

James picking one of the lemons off our tree.

At the park cooking some sausages for lunch.

And a visit to the creek to skim stones however you have to find the good ones first.

All kids enjoy the swings and my two were having a great time on these swings.

Potted plants at Mum's place trying out a super low camera angle which I loved.

The super moon last night which was quite difficult to photograph but was more than happy with this shot.  I had to google how to photograph the moon, take the lens off auto to manual and then crop the entire photo so the moon is big enough in the photo.

Our local Farmers Markets.

Sienna, Tate and James at the Farmers Markets.

Sienna enjoying the animals at the animal nursery at the Farmers Markets.


  1. Look at the beautiful winter weather you are having!! Very jealous!
    That pie looks amazing also.
    Lovely photos.

    You asked about my colourful beads... here is a little post I did on them awhile back...


    1. Thanks Holli for letting me know the post for the bead making....much appreciated. Kathy