Saturday, July 19, 2014


Here's the second part to our visit to the Byron Bay Lighthouse and you can see the first part here.

James, Donna and Sienna heading down to one of the lookouts.

This is where we were headed.

Ready to descend to the bottom lookout.

There's only one way to the bottom and that's down these stairs which means you have to come back the same way.  I felt the backs of my legs for days.

James enjoying the view.

Such an adventurerer...always grabs a stick on walks.

Just such a stunning part of the world.

A photo to signify the most Easterly Point of Australia.

Time for ice creams after our big walk.

Seriously hard to do "selfies" with a heavy DSLR and a big lens.  Totally out of focus but I still love it.  It may indeed be the answer to hiding the wrinkles.

My girl enjoying posing in the sun. Remember this is winter in Qld but I'm usually rugged up in long sleeves.

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