Tuesday, July 15, 2014


During the school holidays we were staying at Rainbow Bay with our good friend and it was only recently that I realized a day trip to Byron Bay from there was only a 38 minute drive.  I have always wanted to go to the Byron Bay Lighthouse again (went there in my early 20's) but it's a long day trip from Brisbane and I don't know why I didn't realize it was a perfect day trip from Rainbow Bay.

I have lots and lots of photos so I'll spread them out over a few posts.  We had the most glorious day and this day trip was the highlight of the school holidays for me.  There is little parking at the top where the Lighthouse is and we were lucky enough that someone was leaving when we drove up to the top car park however I would not like to be visiting in summer and trying to get a park there as it was very busy in the middle of winter.

We stayed for about 2 hours checking out the lighthouse, walking down to a lookout and then once back up the top again we ate some lunch of ham sandwiches we had packed and then the kids enjoyed an ice cream from the cafe and Donna and I enjoyed a lovely coffee.

On the way there we were discussing how many Lighthouses we thought there might be in Australia as it was a very good question and one which none of us knew the answer too.  I thought there might be about 50 however I was very wrong. You can take a look at all the Lighthouses here from State to State and there are pictures of them all too which is great.  I love how all the Lighthouses are so different and that this was quite an interesting top for us.  Australia has 173 Lighthouses which is amazing and a round up of the States are below.

Queensland has 30 Lighthouses
New South Wales has 37 Lighthouses
Victoria has 23 Lighthouses
South Australia has 25 Lighthouses
Western Australia has 28 Lighthouses
Northern Territory has 5 Lighthouses
Tassie has 25 Lighthouses

I just loved this Fotopol with the screw in attachment for your camera.  It was perfect for getting in the photo and they had one located at another lookout which is the most Easterly Point of Australia.  What a cool idea.

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  1. Blue skies and blue ocean...magical! These are lovely photos - and that fotopol is a genius idea, I hope that idea takes off in a big way!