Monday, June 23, 2014


Linking up with Emma at The Beetle Shack for weekly stills and we are nearly half way through the year.  Here's what was happening in our world this past week.

James bedroom at the moment....we will be getting stuck into a big tidy up on the holidays.

Sienna's bedroom at the moment and again we will be having a big tidy up on the holidays but this is real life.

My windows in the study need a good clean.

Our other living area as it is right now.

James cooking up some pikelets after school for afternoon tea.

Sports carnival morning tea time where they played some groovy songs over the loud speaker and everyone was dancing and going crazy and it was so lovely to watch.  Sienna is in the yellow hat and yellow shirt on the right of the group.

The girls were having such a fun time dancing together.

The big group at the back were jumping up and then all laying on the ground together to some song and it looked so cool.

My little happy groover in yellow.

James having his turn at Shot Put.

I caught a happy smile while he and his class mates were waiting for their turn.

James doing his bit for the relay team.

Sienna doing her bit for the relay team.

At home Sienna set up her own pulley system using some wool and a little box type container.  She read about this in her morning school reader.  She's so entertaining and creative this girl.

Saturday she set up a swing for teddy on the clothe line again using the ball of wool and a little cardboard box.


  1. Sienna is always trying new things and being so creative - she's such a fun kid. And wow look at that wonderful big smile on James's face - perfect shot!

    1. Thanks Martina, I love this about her....seriously she entertains herself and is happy as pottering in the backyard making things up.

  2. You've got to love a kid that uses their imagination … and can make pikelets ;0)

  3. What a great little dancer Sienna is - and I am always intrigued by how imaginative and creative she is too. That's a super photo of James in his hat. You really get some great action shots ...