Saturday, May 31, 2014


Linking up with Emma at The Beetle Shack for Weekly Stills and we are not far half way into the year with time flying by and these kids growing up in front of my very eyes.  Here's what's been happening this week.

Sienna helping James carry his sleeping bag and pillow for his first school camp at 6.30 am.

 At the local nursery with Sienna.

Pondering over the flowers.

Part of a local mural.

We love watching white clouds against a blue sky.

My Photo Year Book for 2013 has been printed and arrived this week.

An example of one week's spread which happened to be the Royal Birth week.  Naturally I didn't take those photos but it is an historical event which went in that week.  It's hard to photograph this page with light hitting the pages but you get the idea.

This is Sienna's "Hotel" she made out of various boxes for "Sparky" her pencil sharpener.  It even has a disco ball.

Evening shadows in the toy room.

All sorts of kids belongings cover this coffee table.

Sienna with "Sparky" the pencil sharpener.

A little message for James from his sister to welcome him home after his 3 day camp.  She's so thoughtful and James thought it was nice.

 Tidying up around the place and found Sienna's notebook.


  1. Lovely photos Kathy! I love the one of the clouds. x

  2. I LOVE the cover for your Photo Year Book. I keep saying that I'm going to put one together and never do. You've inspired me. I think your Sienna and my Lily would get along famously according to her Hotel. How awesome. Great photos. xx Jen

  3. Your photo book looks fantastic … what a great idea. Those clouds look fabulous … I love the amazing patterns that happen above our heads. Hope camp went well … I always got the midnight phone calls home from my youngest.

  4. The nursery photos and that sky! Gorgeous shots! x