Thursday, April 3, 2014


Linking up with Emma at The Beetle Shack for Weekly Stills.

Homework for Sienna - she had to draw something from one of her story books.

Lots of love on the menu this week from Sienna.

Cooking a new chicken recipe.

James enjoying the Swedish Meatballs I made for dinner.

Some welcome rain in Brisbane.

Sienna in her pj's watching some TV with her doggie.

Celebration of Learning at school for Grade 3.  Sienna wrote this little story about The Amazing Bird called Lucky (Aunty Lisa's bird is called Lucky but he's yellow). This was my favourite part of the morning reading the story and I emailed Lisa the photos and she had a tear in her eye it was so adorable.

Sienna and I at school and she was still on crutches last Friday.

One morning the whole neighbourhood was covered in looked so cool.

I was fascinated with these water droplets on these leaves, they looked like little diamonds (I wish!!!!)

James heading off to a birthday party up the street.

We've had a few games of scrabble this week and just in case you were wondering "Nude" was my word and that's all the letters I had as we unfortunately limited ourselves to half the board.  Some games are like that aren't they.

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