Sunday, April 20, 2014


Linking up with Em at The Beetle Shack for this weeks stills.  We went camping to Neurum Creek Bush Retreat which was fantastic.  NCBR is very family friendly and great for kids and we had a wonderful time even though it rained the first day and night and then it fined up after that.  I took along our camp oven and did some camp oven cooking and made scones and roast chicken and veggies which were very tasty.

James and Sienna getting the fire ready for the evening.

It's so nice to sit around a camp fire chatting and watching the flames.

Just coming back from a visit to the creek.

Donna and Sienna at the creek.

The billy on the boil for our morning cuppa.

James and Sienna going for a paddle in the creek with the boats.  The creek is only about a metre deep.

Cooking scones in the camp oven and we had them with butter on golden syrup which were fantastic.

This was the evening dinner of Maple Syrup and Soy Chicken with roast potato, carrots and corn.

Donna relaxing by the fire.

James playing at the creek.

Early morning visit to the creek still in her pj's.

Cooking some popcorn over the fire.

Breakfast of Nutra Grain which is our "camping breakfast" by the fire.

Packing up the tent we found this little fellow on top.

Family photo by the fire making popcorn.

 Some silly photo by Platypus Pond.

Sienna enjoying a paddle in our boat.

More boating up the creek.

James and Sienna going for a paddle in the creek.

James at the bike track.

Sienna heading off to the bike track.

Marshmallows over the fire.

Cuddles by the fire while the chicken and roast veggies cook.  Loving the outdoor kitchen.

Donna at our camp site enjoying the sunny weather and blue skies after the day of rain.

On the way back from Platypus Pond.


  1. ...and that's what memories are made of!

  2. Great pics kathy, what a lovely spot for camping!

  3. Looks like a beautiful spot! xxoo

  4. What a great fun way to spend Easter.....great memories being crested for you all. Xx

  5. Great photos, the creek looks beautiful xx

  6. What a beautiful location Kathy. It looks like the perfect spot to camp with family. And, most importantly, I'm so impressed with what you cook while camping. Yuuuuuum! Have a lovely week. Melinda xx