Sunday, March 2, 2014


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Trying on her Birthday "Onesie" from relatives in Melbourne.

Home grown tomatoes finally are ready to eat.

James playing a few tunes before school.

Sienna enjoying eating our home grown corn for dinner.

I made these Piggy Cup Cakes at Sienna's request to take to school on her birthday for her class.

Sienna turned 8 on Thursday and we have a family tradition of having Pancakes for breakfast on your birthday.  I used these little Owl candles last year and brought them out again as Owls are her favourite thing.

I made her a Rag Quilt for her birthday and this was the reaction to my sewing project.

She was so excited to open the Quilt and see the pretty colours.

Rubbing her face in the very soft flannel fabric.

The Rag Quilt I made Sienna for her Birthday.

Birthday morning opening presents at 5.22 am.  She is loving her new little sparkly mirror.

James showing off his Dragon that he made at school in art class this week.

Sienna's birthday present consisted of the little shop set up with goodies and a little trolley.  James was playing the shopkeeper and Sienna was the customer.

James loved Sienna's Rag Quilt so much that I have bought some flannel fabrics to make him one as well.

Pretty Lavender in the afternoon sun.


  1. I hope your lovely girl had a wonderful birthday. You know, I often look at your posts and hope that your kids realise how lucky they are, you organise so many wonderful adventures and outings - keep it up Mum!

    1. Thanks Amy that's lovely of you to say so. I want the kids to have a loving home environment and teach them about looking after themselves by learning how to grow veggies and cook etc. Kathy

  2. Hi Kathy, I agree with Amy. What a wonderful Mum you are. Your posts are just brimming with love and opportunity. I hope Sienna had a wonderful birthday. It sure looks like she had fun. Those cupcakes are delightful as is the beautiful rag quilt. Have a beautiful week. Melinda x

    1. Thanks Melinda I really enjoyed making the rag quilt as it was relatively quick and easy and I love how much my kids know it was hand made and took time. James told me I was a great sewer and he had only seen the back of it. I can't wait to make his now for him. Kathy

  3. cute piggy cupcakes, sounds like she had a pretty wonderful day :)

  4. Happy Birthday to Sienna! Love your quilt Kathy, I've made one of those too, so quick and easy. The cupcakes are cute too, you're very clever! Have a great week :)

  5. It looks like your beautiful girl had a wonderful day. I love your/her quilt. How clever you are.
    That dragon is awesome too, I still have one that my boy made in his art class when he was about your son's age.
    Have a lovely week x

  6. Such a heartfelt entry. I love single still, prescious moments. Your daughter cuddling the quilt is priceless

  7. Happy birthday Sienna!
    I love how creative you are and that you have created two precious souls that appreciate the simple things in today's materialistic world. Jo ××