Sunday, March 16, 2014


Linking up with Emma from The Beetle Shack for Weekly Stills.

Sienna's stuffed Owls left outside on the table.

Our first lemon for the season.

I finished the Rag Quilt that I was making for James this week.

Both of them comparing their Rag Quilts.  James Quilt is a little shorter but wider.

James with his money box safe trying to stop the alarm going off.

I purchased this pattern and made this little doggie for Sienna this week.

Sienna loves her little doggie which she called "Sausage Dog".

I went to use my laptop this week and found a beautiful note from my daughter which made me smile.

Around our home.  A favourite portrait of the kids and I taken in November 2008.

Sienna's pet lizards that sadly were eaten by a toad that jumped into the bucket overnight and gobbled up.  Sienna was very upset and she played with these lizards before and after school for days.

Love my coffee in these cups.

Afternoon light and the patterns on the floor which I'm drawn to.

Farmers Markets on Sunday

Orange Juice Ice Block treats for the kids.

Market signs.


  1. Hello there. I love the picture of you and your children back in 2008, beautiful capture. My husband is in Brisbane and he is asking me what to buy for me from there any tip :)

    1. Umm, that's a tough one..depending on what you are into. Food wise, maybe some Queensland Macadamia Nuts (prepacked for the tourist trade so they go through customs, you can get chocolate ones too) Lady Diana visited the Sunshine Coast Macadamia Nut Plantation all those many years ago she was here. (That's an hour out of Brisbane) but the nuts should be in the tourist shops in the Queen Street Mall and/or the Airport shops. Maybe some Tim Tams (famous Australian Chocolate Biscuits) - again prepackaged and unopened and make sure hubby declares everything. Hope that helps. Regards Kathy

  2. That family portrait is just gorgeous! You've inspired me to make a rag quilt for Sunny, I love them! A lovely week to you Kathy :)

    Sophie xo

    P.S Don't you just love Retro Mama patterns!

  3. What a great your sewing for your kids....are they lemonades? And love the sweet note from your girl too. Xxx

  4. Sienna is such a thoughtful and sweet little girl. Love that coffee glass

  5. I am always touched and moved whenever I visit by the lovely relationships you have with your children and they with you,and with each other :). Your photos are bathed in such a lovely, soft, welcoming light - a reflection of all of you, I suspect ...

  6. Thanks the heart of it this is true, however I can still shout and get cranky at my kids for not listening or leaving the place a mess...this is normal motherhood and much harder when you are the 24/7 parent leaving no break (hence I can get cranky and shout at my kids when I'm tired and exhausted). But at the end of the day they know they are truly loved and who's there for them every step of the way. Kathy