Sunday, March 9, 2014


Linking in with Emma at The Beetle Shack for Week 10 of Weekly Stills.  How time flies when you are having fun with 10 weeks of weekly stills already.

Weekends are for a little bit of x-box time.

Hand picked today.

Tying to take a photo of Sienna and I in the mirror although she is a little short.

Belated Birthday celebrations today for Sienna with my family as this was when everyone could catch up.

Me and my beautiful happy, funny, warm and loving 8 year old with an Owl birthday hat on.

Sienna with her cousin Matthew.

I made the chocolate birthday cake this morning and Granny (my Mum) gave Sienna these two cute owls so we popped them onto the birthday cake.  Everyone knows Sienna loves owls.

And another go at blowing out the "8" birthday candle.

Inspired by a friend who had this pattern I'm going to make Sienna a couple of little dresses with cute little owls and roosters, couldn't find any chickens.  She loves blue as well so these will look cute.  I have to finish making James Rag Quilt first then onto these little dresses.

We have lots of Gecko's around here and this one was on the outside of the toilet window.

On entry to James room and the fantastic Calligraphy he tried at Christmas time.

James reading in bed.

James and Sienna looking through a school library book (I think).

This photo made me smile and laugh and happy all at the same time.  I walked in to check on Sienna as I do after she's asleep and this is what I found on the floor.  Some glow sticks on the floor from the door way leading to her bed.  It just cracked me up because (i) I was not expecting it and (ii) it was so adorable.  The next day she said it was so she could see in the night time if she had to go to the toilet.  I had to get a photo of it which was extremely hard as it's a mostly black photo but the door on the left, and the glow sticks on the floor and her bed is just past the top glow stick.  I love my kids.

Yes, our wheelbarrow is getting a work out as a place to hang out in.  Sienna making some elastic band bracelets which was a gift from her BFF.

Lots of lovely bright colours of elastic bands to make bracelets.  James is wearing a couple in the top photo playing the x-box.

Sienna reading the Guinness Book of Records in bed.


  1. Your tomatoes look amazing (snap!)
    We haven't caught the rainbow loom bug yet but I feel its coming...
    (the glo-sticks are fab!)

  2. So many of these photos made me smile - but Sienna in the wheelbarrow, well that is hilarious!
    What funny, clever, creative children you have!!

  3. What lovely warm and joyful photos! Happy birthday to your Sienna :o) :o) The cake is adorable. I love the things the funny things kids come up with all on their own, to suit their needs.

  4. That s such an amazing cake -- just looks like the joy of childhood!

  5. Lovely photos of you & your family. Happy times.
    Love those tomatoes too.

  6. Love the shot of Sienna in the wheelbarrow! Jo ××

  7. Happy birthday to Sienna, and it looks like you all had a wonderful time - love the glow sticks and the wheelbarrow photo!