Sunday, February 9, 2014


Joining in with Emma at The Beetle Shack for Weekly Stills.

Harvest of 3 cucumbers the other morning. These are so delicious and fresh.

I purchased some yarn to make a little blanket in crochet.  First time since I was a teenager doing crochet so this will be interesting.

Sienna washing the car for me on a glorious sunny Brisbane day. I think it had been a year since the last car wash.

Trying to capture different views of her washing the car and loved this one.  The car is on a sloped drive way and you can see the water and her little feet trying to reach to do the cleaning.

Sunday afternoon riding outside our place on the road.  We are in a quite block of 4 streets however this afternoon I think everyone in our neighbourhood was coming and going so there was a lot "car, get off the road" calls from me but they had fun.

James consulting his "Magic Book" doing his latest trick.

I love blue skies and white fluffy clouds.

Afternoon light on our Sunflower and Cucumbers.

Finally sorting through James 2013 school books to toss and/or keep and this one was a "keeper".  It was obviously a draft for his Mother's Day card.

Granny came over for afternoon tea and was helping Sienna with something.

A bit of chess before school but did you notice, one is dressed for school and one is still in his pj's!

AFL sign on yesterday and James can't wait to get back to football this year.

Homework started this week and we are going to do it before school this year because we live closer to this school than our last school which means we have a spare 15 mins in the mornings and the kids are bright and fresh then rather than after school.  This is my plan anyway.


  1. our massive cucumber harvest has led to many cucumber and mayo toasted sandwiches sprinkled with sea salt and roasted sesame seeds. serious goodness right there!! x

  2. You have had a busy week. I really love the car washing shots, especially the one of the red stool!

  3. Great photos.
    I'm very tempted to give crochet a go … but must get all my other half done projects finished first.
    Boys are so funny … I'm pretty sure mine love me because I make them toast too.

  4. Am envious of your garden, it looks fantastic! Love that under the car shot too, they're all great Kathy xx

  5. Fantastic under the car capture shot - I think you'll enjoy the crochet once you get started (and even more so when you take your lesson). I find it so relaxing to have something to do with your hands while watching TV and you feel like you're accomplishing something while taking time to yourself

  6. Great shots - our school has given away formal homework this year! happy days!

  7. Love the pic of the stool of the feet on the stool while washing the car. Hope you've had a good start to the school year :)

  8. I'm green {pardon the pun} with envy over the state of your veggie patch mine is full of hay and sunburnt dry corn and pea vines that just couldn't hack the onslaught of summer sun. great cucumber harvest we have been enjoying ours with the daily harvests of tomatoes. On another note can l just say the stool photo is beautiful the cherry red structure just stands out, really cool photo. x

  9. Great pictures, that one of her feet is just awesome!