Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Illusionists 2.0

One of our special holiday events was attending "The Illusionists 2.0" at the Queensland Performing Arts Complex (QPAC).  James has been into magic for well over a year now and also got a couple of magic kits for Christmas including a black hat to wear when performing his tricks.  This was James dream come true to attend this show and the three of us went to the 2.00 pm show last Monday.

We were given 3D glasses on entry and also an envelope each which we were told to hold onto and not open until instructed during the show.  We eventually were told to open our envelopes and each person had a postcard size piece of paper with a picture of an Illusionist on it so 4 pieces of paper with 4 different photos.  We then had to shuffle them and then tear them in half and then put one pile on top of the other and the entire audience are doing this at the same time.  After that there were a few other steps and then we had to take the top piece of paper and put it somewhere ie under your leg on the seat.  Then a few more steps were involved by saying "order" and putting the top piece of paper underneath the pile and then "chaos" and throwing that piece of paper up into the air so yes, the entire audience were throwing pieces of paper into the air which looks great all at the same time.  Then we proceeded to repeat that step "order" place underneath the pile and "chaos" throw it up into the air all the while we were all calling out the words "order" and "chaos".  In the end everyone had one piece of paper in their hand which was half the original size since we all tore them down the middle in the beginning.

THEN....we had to grab the piece of paper we put underneath our leg on the chair and amazingly both pieces of paper matched up to one Illusionist in other words we had the top half of an Illusionist and the bottom half of the same Illusionist.  It was an amazing trick and great for audience participation however the poor cleaners after each show as we weren't asked to collect any of the papers when we left.  We did bring a few home to try the trick again.  It was so much fun.  All the Illusionists were amazing in their own right and it's hard to describe what you saw but it was worth every cent.  The lighting, the music and they had 4 dancers and each Illusionist came on for about 20 minutes and then the next one came out and they just went on like that until the end so each one had been on a few times and we loved it.  Sienna did cover her eyes and bought a little stuffed toy with her when one of them did the sword through the body and flaming daggers etc.  She loved Raymond Crowe who was on Australia's Got Talent recently and was keen to see him and he was the only Australian and awesome.  My favourite was Adam Trent  and Yu Ho-Gin.  James favourite was James More and Aaron Crow but basically they were all incredible and very talented.

The show was well done in the fact that they had a big screen directly above the Illusionist so that everybody could see what was going on as well at the Illusionist so I couldn't have been happier with this event. This show would be the highlight of the holidays.  I do have a family photo of the 3 of us on my iPhone and I will eventually get to that photo and upload it but for now here are a few photos I took with my camera.

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