Sunday, January 19, 2014


Linking up with Emma at The Beetle Shack for our Weekly Stills Collection.  Be prepared as there are heaps of photos and so many more I wanted to include but figured you would need an hour to look through them so here we go.

Sienna and her banana milkshake mustache.

Homemade Turkish Bread

A nature visit to Osprey House Environmental Centre this week.  See more of the photos here.

New school for us this year so it's strange seeing a different uniform on the washing line.

In honor of our little friend Alice who lost her life to Leukemia 2 years ago on the 12th January we made a chocolate slice using pink and green icing and sprinkles which were her favourite colours.

Collecting Macadamia nuts on our friends property.

Sienna having a go at cracking said Macadamia Nuts with this awesome nut cracker.

We are on holidays and apparently so is my bed making skills!

Making home made pizza dough from the Homemade Pantry Book.

Pizza straight out of the oven ready to eat.

Full moon the other night revealed another light in the sky which I can't recall ever seeing at full moon time.  I have been told it was Jupiter.

James my magician whipping up some pikelets in the kitchen.

Aunty Lisa (my sister) with Sienna having a giggle.

The afternoon light at my house is amazing and I couldn't resist since Lisa was over to get her to take some pictures of me with the kids as I'm determined to get in more photos with my kids this year and I was thrilled with these.

Sienna and I and all that greenery on the left is our veggie patch.  Cucumbers and corn.

Here we are trying to get the family portrait this time and what you can't see in this photo is a little stool on the ground which is about 20cms high and each kid had one foot on it and one foot off.  I was trying to hold onto them so they wouldn't fall because their other foot was off the ground in the air. I wanted them a bit higher in the photo so I didn't have to crouch down so much and they were giggling and I was trying to hold them up which was pretty difficult.  Once Lisa took the photo I just let them go without warning and then there was more laughter from Mummy.  Everyone has to have a good time I say.

The kids have been wanting this plant for about a year and when we were at Bunnings I finally said yes to this plant.  Meet Fang however I wish Fang could go looking for all those flys that come into my house instead of the fly looking for the plant.

More beautiful afternoon light with the washing off the line and folded and with the beautiful corn at the bottom left of the photo and the cucumber vines in the middle.  Can't wait to try both.

We went to the park late in day as it was cooler and ever since the kids were little they have always wanted to get on top of this train to which I have always said "no" to.  Bear in mind, this was when Sienna was about 4 and James 6 however the other day they got on top of it and they said to me "Mum, it's like the Polar Express" and so with that, I had a little giggle to myself,  took the photo and let them (now they are much older) get on top of the train.  It's the first thing every kid who goes to this park does....bizarre when the train is really what's on the inside, carriages etc.  It doesn't matter how young or old kids are, this is their first instinct that they want to do.


  1. Your photos of you with Siena and James have brought a big smile to my face - as well as all these wonderful family things you do together. You are doing a great job of mothering, Kathy!

  2. Well done on making it a priority to be in more photos, not always the one behind the lens. You look gorgeous BTW!

  3. Gorgeous pics. Love the milkshake moustache… ooo now I need a banana milkshake!

  4. Lovely photos. Such a nice idea making the slice for your friend Alice. All the best for the school year ahead :)

  5. Lovely pictures, the turkish bread looks perfect!

  6. Goodness you and your sister look alike … lovely family shots.
    We had a Venus Fly Trap … but not for long … I either over or under watered it … and the flies won the day ;0)

  7. Lovely light in your garden, & it's very nice to have you in the picture!

  8. That milk more is brilliant. Over from stills, it's great I found you.

  9. it looks like you've been busy in the kitchen this week! it's lovely to see you in the photos, too. what a sweet idea, to make a slice in honour of alice. very touching.

  10. That pizza looks amazing. And I agree, the afternoon light at your place is gorgeous. Popping over (a bit late!) from the Beetle Shack