Sunday, January 5, 2014


We are already five days into 2014 and I've been taking plenty of photos to record our everyday life.  This is the first of the Weekly Stills Collection for 2014 and linking up with Em at The Beetle Shack.

Brisbane skyline on New Year's Eve.

Some time on the x-box this morning allocated to 30 mins.

Morning sunlight this week.

Cooling off with the hose during what has been a very hot week for Brisbane.  Yesterday it was over 40 degrees which was the first time in over 70 years so in other words the worst heat I have ever felt in my life time in Brisbane.

Sienna, the Chicken Whisperer.

James practicing with his new Calligraphy set.

Home made Vanilla Bean Ice Cream from this recipe.

Sienna loves Owls and she drew this picture of her and her best friend Maya.

Sienna doing some crafts in her room listening to music.

The spring onions are growing well.

The cucumbers are growing equally as well and it won't be long before I can go veggie shopping in my backyard.

Nutragrain for breakfast which was on special for $3 a box this week.  We only buy this sugary treat on holidays or when we go camping as it's yummy but hardly nutritional.


  1. Lovely photos ... hope you're surviving the heat ok

  2. Your spring onions look fabulous!

  3. Gorgeous skyline! I've been studying the temperature in Brisbane as my husband's up there and we fly up tomorrow and I've felt so bad for you all! I hope it was okay - I see there's rain for the rest of the week now so some relief! 40s are just waaaay too hot! Love the shot of the Brisbane skyline!

  4. oh so lovely! i love that shot of Brisbane! and of those sweet owls. xo

  5. The heat is something else, isn't it?! Incredible. That skyline is amazing. Your garden looks delicious!

  6. Lovely photos, I'm going to try to capture more everyday moments this year. It's the little things that really show the big picture. Temps in the 40s wow, I've only experienced that once before (in LA) and it was horrific so I hope you all stay cool!!

  7. Great shot of Brisbane, and I really don't think there is much in this world that can beat good vanilla ice cream!

  8. I love your blog

  9. What a busy start to 2014 you have had! So many tasty treats....homemade ice cream (yum) and lots of delicious looking backyard produce. There's nothing like the feeling of vegetable shopping in your own backyard. Happy days to you. Melinda :)

  10. What a great skyline shot! Your veggie patch is looking good. Hopefully it survives the heat! That is very hot! I love the trampoline shot, too.