Sunday, January 12, 2014


Linking up with Emma at The Beetle Shack for the Weekly Stills and focusing on our time spent at Sandgate at low tide.  It was raining when we left home and I thought we are going to go and walk along the beach, collect shells and connect with nature followed by fish and chips and I'm so pleased I did.  The kids were relaxed, they loved looking at all the seaweed, jellyfish, shell collecting and walking on the corrugated sand which was very therapeutic for your feet.  I have other photos from the week however thought I would focus on our little adventure to Sandgate.

A little adventure out to Sandgate which is about 40 minutes drive from home.

James and Sienna couldn't wait to get down onto the sand and start exploring.

Look over here, and here they were so excited.

Is that a fish.

Crab holes in the sand.

Getting outdoors is great.

Family portrait at Sandgate, 2 girls 1 boy as you can tell from the bright nail polish.

I loved looking at the textures and patterns in the sand.

So pleased we went even though it was raining when we left home.

Lots of jellyfish to discover.

They were so interested in showing each other what shells they had found.

This one is happy to pose for photos any time.

Beautiful shells with creatures inside them.

More shells Mum.

Sienna is filling her pockets with as many shells as she can.

We found lots of interesting things on the beach.

Listening to the wind.

One pink little girl on a very grey day at the beach.

They were so happy I took them to the beach to explore.

A bit of writing James did for me in the sand.

Famous little church at Sandgate in the background and James and Sienna exploring in the foreground.

Trying to take a photo of ourselves holding my heavy camera away from us was proving difficult.

Same again, not flattering photos of me but it's about the fun of it and the kids have a silly photo with their Mum.

Another family portrait with the self timer and at this stage it had actually started to rain so we were trying to hurry so the camera didn't get too wet.


  1. Happy New Year Kathy. Hope the first few weeks of 2014 have treated you well, and that you managed to survive the heat and storms ok. A great series of photos, looks like you had a wonderful time. Take care xx

  2. Your photos make my heart sing - I have always loved to be by the sea and this reminds me of many happy times with my own little ones. What a lovely day and experience you have given them.

  3. Lovely atmospheric photos, and I know those jellyfish very well ; ) Nothing better than some time at the beach!

  4. Love rainy days at the beach, and your photos are great Kathy!

  5. Such a lovely trip to the beach! The jellyfish looks amazing and the shell was great find! Finding treasures by the sea is so lovely!

  6. lovely, i love the feet portrait x

  7. Good on you for getting out and about … even if the weather wasn't playing nicely. You took some lovely photos :0)

  8. What a gorgeous jellyfish! Wonderful pictures of happiness at the beach - hope one day to live close to the beach again. Cheers! Devon

  9. Lovely - I especially love the self-timer family photo - perfect!