Sunday, December 8, 2013


This week we had Pop leave to go back to Melbourne, School Christmas Carols night, collecting Grade 5 School Books for James as we have already collected Sienna's books the week before. I attended Sienna's Class Liturgy, did a Preserving Course with my friend one day, participated in the parents vs kids footy match one morning.  The kids finished school on Friday and this was our last year at this lovely school as we are moving to a school closer to home.  It was a very emotional day and the kids and I were in tears leaving our friends and the community we have come to know and love.  So overall it's been an exhausting emotional week both, mentally and physically so the holidays couldn't have come sooner.  Here's a look at our week in pictures so its no wonder we are all in need of a holiday.

The Elf on a Shelf is getting around the house.  Here he is manning the phone for us.  Last year it was sold out so I was pleased that I ordered one early so we could have some fun with it.

James trying to throw the ball into his new basketball hoop he got for his birthday.  He's actually at one side of the backyard so this was going to be a "long shot" and he was very serious in his attempts.

The Christmas Tree went up yesterday and you can see our pictures here.

The completed tree and a bunch of very pleased decorators.....My sister, the kids Aunty Lisa is in the middle.

End of year mass which is very emotional for all of us.

My friend Karin and I did a preserving course this week which we loved.  You can read about it here.

Parents vs Kids Auskick Match at School Wednesday morning.  Rest of the photos are here.

Some new Christmas Decorations for around the house.

I attended the Grade 2's Liturgy this week and they had a slide show of all the kids at the end of the Liturgy and this was Sienna's picture up on the wall.

Make your own pizza's for James 10th Birthday celebration.

A beautiful Grandfather, Grandson moment.

And of course Grandfather, Granddaughter cuddle.

We popped up to see the horses up the hill and they came down to get some pats from us.


  1. Thanks for your comment ! Love your tree and the colour. Envy you for the weather ... Here it's cold but sunny, at last !!!
    Kisses from France

  2. lovely photos! sounds like a busy week. hooray for vacation! :)


  3. What a busy week. Love the deer and the horses!

  4. Beautiful photos of a busy week!! I love the idea of corn on home made pizzas... yum! Have a great week.

  5. love the colors on your tree. lovely!
    those photos with grandfather are treasures.
    and make your own pizza is always a swell idea!