Sunday, December 22, 2013


Linking up with Emma at The Beetle Shack for my Weekly Stills Collection.  There is so much happening at the moment that I posted a "Mid Week Christmas Stills" a few days ago.

A visit to Santa this morning.  More photos posted here.

Sienna in her cubby house in the toy room.  So glad that sheets have a dual purpose in our house.

Saturday morning Christmas Crafts with Granny.

Our lovely decorated Christmas Tree.

Best orange juice on the market outside of squeezing your own.  This is a local Brisbane company which was a nice find and they sell it in Woolworths and IGA.  Haven't looked anywhere else.  This is real juice 99.9% of it however it does have preservative 202.  Most other juices are around the 50-60% reconstituted orange juice.

We love looking at clouds in the sky particularly from our backyard.

James purchasing his $20 Magic Kit that he has been wanting since the September holidays.

Sienna purchasing a little musical instrument for $5 with her holiday money.  Just after she paid for it she put some money into the charity box on the way past.  It was only 20 cents however it was her money and she just did it naturally which I was so proud of.  She's that kind of person and I felt very emotional about watching that little moment.

James pretending the be Father Christmas after his bath.

Sienna playing her musical instrument to Jassy and Rosie, a captive audience (ha ha).

We made home made pita pocket bread for the first time this week for lunch.

The kids and I in front of the Christmas Tree in King George Square.

Sienna saying hello to the street performer in the Queen Street Mall.

Sienna was now being the performer and the performer was pretending to take a photo of Sienna with her little purple camera, so she was posing and from the smile on her face, enjoying the all the lime light.

The street performer was giving her camera back to her and she was having a great time of it all.

Aunty Lisa with James and Sienna in the the Queen Street Mall.

 The Myer Christmas Parade heading towards King George Square. So glad we went to see it this year.

Our City Hall Building in King George Square lite up with a spectacular light show.

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