Monday, December 2, 2013


One of my favourite series is the "Weekly Stills" linking up with Emma from The Beetle Shack.  This week has been a huge week with James turning 10 and a special visit from Pop who drove up from Melbourne for the weekend.  Here's just a few photos from this week in our lives.

Our lovely solar lantern on the table out the back.  It still looks pretty and changes colour every few seconds.

A little photo shoot of James to celebrate being 10.  See the rest of the photos here.

A visit to the local creek beneath the bridge.  Sienna has a penny turtle in her hand she found.

Here's the turtle that she found, she was so excited as she is my nature girl.  She was however crying when we left the creek and she was instructed to leave Mr Turtle behind in the creek.

Mowing the back lawn in the late afternoon.

Sienna had her little swimming carnival for school on Thursday.

The kids wrote out their Christmas Cards for the school kids including putting a little Candy Cane in with the card.

Pop arrived from Melbourne Friday afternoon and so the board game challenges begin. James is thrilled to bits as you can see from how happy he looks that Pop is here to visit us.

Sienna received a little bracelet/necklace kit that Pop brought up from Nanny and Pop. I went and found Sienna in the study making this little message for pop an hour after he arrived.  It reads "Big Thank You For Coming Pop". OMG this was so adorable I just had to photograph the message which was not easy because all the letters kept spinning around particularly when she wanted to scratch her nose every few seconds after I had turned the letter.  This message is adorable from a little 7 year old to her Pop who we haven't seen in 2.5 years even though we speak to him every couple of weeks.

Pop and Sienna playing the memory card game and Sienna thinks she's ready for the next move now Pop has turned over this card.

BBQ dinner with Pop, happy times.

Taking a little walk around our neighbourhood.

Sienna challenging Pop to a game of Chess and I love the concentration on her face.

Sienna and Pop cleaning up the veggie garden beds to plant some more veggies.

Pop and James put up the Basketball Hoop that I got him for his birthday.

Our first Christmas Lights last night to our favourite local lights.

Pop taking a photo of me with the kids.  I'd better get in some photos while I have another person to photograph us.

Playing a game of "acting out" where you get a card with something written on it and you have to act it out and others have to guess.  Pop got right into this game with the kids.

Family Make Your Own (MYO) Pizza's for James Birthday Lunch.

The Birthday Boy with his Football Cake that I made him complete with Football Candles.

James and Sienna having a game of Kerplunk with their cousin at James Birthday lunch.

James and Sienna with their Pop who had driven from Melbourne to attend James Birthday lunch and see the kids.  He is an awesome Grandfather and unfortunately Nanny had commitments and couldn't come on this trip with Pop.

Saying goodbye to Pop at school drop off this morning as he is heading back to Melbourne.

Giving Pop cuddles at the school gate......

A last coffee together before he drives back to Melbourne.

Monday morning menu club 2 of the 3 founders....just as well Pop filled in today however we decided that since it's our last week of school.....whatever happens with dinner will be fine this week whether it be eggs on toast or baked beans.  Tonight is our School Carols so it's the sausage sizzle at school so that's tonight's dinner plans for us.  Jo and I and at our the local coffee shop.....gotta love black and white with a bit of red thrown in for colour.


  1. That photo of your boy has 10 written all over it! So perfect- wishing you a wonderful week! Xx

  2. looks like a busy week, that turtle looks so cute!

  3. Great photos Katie !!
    Looks like you all enjoyed Pop’s visit.
    My favourite photo?.....hands down….is you mowing the lawn. Nothing says independent aussie woman, like one mowing her own lawn  Love it. :-)

  4. How lovely to see photos of you Kathy!!
    I can now put a face to your kind words...
    Ronnie xo

  5. How great that the kids got to spent quality time with Pop, you can tell from their faces in the photos just how much it meant it them. Beautiful moments captured

  6. look at the little turtle, brings back memories from my childhood! happy week to you. x