Friday, December 20, 2013


Since there's so many things to photograph in a week at the moment I figured I would do a "Mid Week Stills Collection" based around the festive season.

The Santa Countdown on the wall.  Sienna changes this with chalk every morning.

Our new Christmas Bunting from my friend Jo which Sienna decided she would hang up here.

Sienna and her Santa Bear ready to go to sleep.

James took Santa to bed with him tonight and he was being rather cheeky while I was taking photos.

Bring on the Christmas Twinkle.

Our beautiful Christmas Swag is hung.

Some Christmas friends.

Some Christmas Greenery.

We made yoghurt for the first time this week and we topped it with red raspberries which is very festive.

This was our Elf on the Shelf watching over the yoghurt wrapped up as it did it's thing.

The beautiful silver star and shiny decorations on our tree.

Christmas reflections in the family room.

Another letter to Santa from Sienna this time wanting an guitar that she saw at Kmart the other day.  I love that she uses "really" at least 8 times describing how much she wants this item but at the bottom she says, "If I don't get it, it's fine. Thank You".

A collection of gifts and hand drawn cards for relatives in Melbourne & Perth which had to be posted yesterday.

Hand drawn Christmas Card by James for his 7 year old cousin in Melbourne.

Our Christmas Angel.

Sienna posing for me with some solar Christmas Lights I got working.

Reflections in the mirror of me and our pretty Christmas Tree.


  1. Kathy, You have such gorgeous photos. I love the shot of your family room with the adorable tree and bunting. I wish you a very Merry Christmas, thanks for stopping by my blog again!

  2. Lovely peek into your life. Smiles from South Africa :)