Thursday, December 5, 2013

December Daily - Day 4

Yesterday morning being Wednesday was the last early morning of Auskick session at school when we need to be out of the house by 7.00 am.  On the last morning the parents are invited to come along and verse the kids in a "Parents vs Kids" match and naturally all the kids look forward to beating the parents.  First of all the parents lined up in two rows with space in between for the kids to walk through and sort of like 'dodge ball' which the name suggestswhere the kids have to avoid being hit by a football thrown by the parents.  Once the kids had gone from one end to the other it was time to change it up ie. run, walk, skip, hop etc. and then it was the kids turn to line up on the outside and the parents had to do the same thing in the middle, run, skip, hop etc. while the kids tried to get the parents with the footy.  It's quite entertaining and the kids couldn't be happier trying to catch the parent out.

After that little session was over there were two football matches, one for the little preps and and their parents at one end of the field and the rest of the kids and their parents at the other end.  I managed to get the ball a few times however my hand balling skills are not very good and when I did actually score a goal (James later told me this was only a behind ie 1 point, not 6 points) as I was doing a happy dance the kids were very happy because I had kicked the ball through the kids goal posts and not the parents goal posts which apparently was at the other end of the field.  Well, you know I can't be good at everything but it was a lot of fun and the kids scored a goal for it anyway.  Here's some of the pics from the early morning Auskick morning at school.

Early morning getting to Auskick

Parents turn to get the kids with the footy.

Sienna is in the middle with a big smile on her face as they were skipping this time.

That's me in the black shirt trying to run through the centre.  The camera was on self timer and it was going to be a surprize what this photo was as the camera was on the ground.

Sienna armed with a few footballs.

James with a football.

A impressive mark by Tim (in the green shirt) and I just happened to have picked up the camera to take a couple of your work Tim!!!

James is on the right at the front trying to get the ball but the taller boys had this one.

The Parents vs Kids Auskick match is over for 2013.

My lovely friends Tim (who marked the ball above) with Ged.

I think the kids had the ball at this stage as the parents are standing still watching the little ones run.


  1. Looks like a great time was had by all - clever to leave the camera on a timer. Lovely photo of all three of you ...

  2. Excellent work with the self-timer! Looks like it was a fun day indeed.

    I cannot thank you enough for all the sewing advice you've given me - I'm going to use your advice and attempt the second quilt top and I'll let you know if I get stuck. But sincerely thank you, it's greatly appreciated!!