Monday, December 23, 2013

December Daily - Day 23

Every year my sisters and I (3 of us live in Brisbane) make two slices each for our Christmas festivities and this year I made a new recipe which I first ate back in August at Jo's Birthday gathering in the park.  OMG this slice is amazing and the flavours all compliment each other.  It has pistachios, cranberries, cream cheese frosting with melted white chocolate, the list goes and and it doesn't come any better than that.  I can't find a direct link on line to this recipe today as I've got a printed copy so I'll see if I can find it later on and post a link because it is worth making.

I packaged up some of this and popped it over the back fence to my next door neighbour as throughout the year he mows my front footpath.  His section of the footpath is 2 metres and mine is about 8 metres however he happily mows the entire piece of lawn for me which is so kind of him and I really appreciate it.  Giving him and his wife some Christmas Slice is the least I can do.  I did ask him if he or anyone in the family is allergic to nuts before I sent it over and luckily for them they are in the clear so they will enjoy their cup of tea and slice tonight.

And some lovely Christmas lights we went to see tonight.

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