Sunday, December 22, 2013

December Daily - Day 22

This morning we headed to Harvey Norman to visit Santa in his big beautiful white leather chair.  Last year we went to see Santa around 3.30 pm and he had finished work for the day at 2.00 pm so today we made sure we saw him in the morning.  James asked Santa for a skateboard and Sienna asked for a Ukulele that she saw at Kmart the other day.  Santa has whispered into my ear that he has got these items in his toy sack for James and Sienna.  I know how excited they'll be when they see that that got what they both wanted.  Santa has got all sorts of other little bits and pieces for the kids that they will enjoy on Christmas Day.  Here's some photos from our visit to Santa today with James having just turned 10 and Sienna 7.

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