Sunday, December 15, 2013

December Daily - Day 15

We love our Christmas Books here and each year I add a new one or two to the collection.  This year my girlfriend told me about a book called "Santa is Coming to Brisbane" and it mentions our suburb in the book so I knew I just had to buy it for our family.  It mentions about about ten suburbs across Brisbane however I'm pretty thrilled that the Christmas Book is very personal to us because we live in Brisbane and of course our suburb as well.  The author is Steve Smallman and I believe there are also other books in the series "Santa is Coming to Sydney", "Santa is Coming to Melbourne" and "Santa is Coming to Perth" etc.

My sister got this for me at a Newsagent in Chermside Shopping Centre however if you ask one of the staff they hadn't heard of it.  Just check with the Manager of the Newsagent vs a part time weekend worker may not know about them.  They eventually found them at the Newsagency that my sister went to.  At this time of the year I would snap one up as I think the on-line book stores are out of stock.  The internet may come in handy in your search for your capital city book.  Back to the book, I've photographed a few pages for you to see and the Brisbane book features The Brisbane Wheel and of course the City Hall Building in King George Square so it's nice to have a book that's related to us here as we don't have white Christmases but most of our story books do.  We do have the other Aussie Story books that feature Kangaroos and Holden Utes which is very Australian but I love that we have a book about Santa Coming to Brisbane.

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  1. I had heard about this book so it's so lovely to see some pictures of it. I imagine the kids will looooove it. Have a very happy Christmas. Melinda x