Friday, December 13, 2013

December Daily - Day 13

There has been a lapse in posting my December Daily as we were away at the beach for a couple of days however today we got right back into it and made our first Gingerbread Houses.  I bought these little kits for $5 each either from Big W or Kmart, I can't remember which one.  The kids were pretty excited as you can see from the first photo to get stuck into making them.  They are a tricky little thing to put together, sort of like building a tower of cards so I'm glad I bought a little kit and didn't start out baking the whole thing myself.  In between the start and the finish of these there was baths and pj's so that's why there are two sets of clothes in these photos.  I'm pretty happy these were little houses because at the end of the day the kids are eating these things.  


  1. They are very little guy asked to do one this year...i am sad to say I haven't given it a thought and am probably too late now. xxx

  2. I'm dying at Sienna's face in the first photo! I love that you look the photos with the Christmas tree in the background - beautiful :)

  3. Oh. I really want to do gingerbread houses. Going on the Christmas Fun list for next week! :) You can check out my December Daily here: