Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Birthday Boy

James birthday morning finally arrived and both the kids were so excited.  So excited in fact that they woke me up at 4.22 am and without even opening my eyes (I had gone to bed after midnight) told them they had to go back to bed for at least 30 minutes.  Well those 30 mins went by pretty quickly and soon they were on top of my bed and excited about giving and receiving presents.

Sienna gave James a stop watch as he is always borrowing my iPhone for it's stopwatch.  A wonderful "How to Draw Comics" book and some Tech Decks which he also loved.  She has been so excited to give him these presents for the past week and she also designed and drew him a Birthday Card.

I gave him a set of Star Wars Books, a Walkie Talkie (a toy one which doesn't seem to work so will be going back to the shop) and a Basket Ball Hoop which was in a big box weighing 23kgs.  It has had to sit next to my bed wrapped up for the past 2 weeks as I couldn't hide it, it was so big and heavy.  He is totally thrilled with his presents from both Sienna and I.

It's birthday tradition to have pancakes and ice cream for breakfast however James wanted them in the Waffle maker and they turned out beautiful.  I found the recipe here.

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