Sunday, November 24, 2013


Linking up with Emma from The Beetle Shack with this week's stills collection.

A nightly occurrence this storm cloud of rain descending on our suburb.  See photos posted previously.

The rainbow after it was all over.

Backyard trampolining mid turn.

James and Sienna getting some exercise together on the trampoline.

 Sienna sorting out her cushion on the couch so she can watch a DVD.

Early morning drop off at school for Auskick.

My grade 4 boy James heading into school for Auskick.

My grade 2 girl Sienna heading onto the field for Auskick.

Some artwork I found that Sienna drew of a brain.  The bottom one took me a while to work out what it was but I finally worked it out to be "Religion".

A date loaf I made and wrapped for a friend's birthday.

James having some downtime on a Friday afternoon.

Sienna helping me peg the school uniforms yesterday.

My new Christmas decorations I bought from Kmart and at $7 each I thought were very reasonable.

The iPad showing the Advent Calendar that I'm going to make that Kristine from The Painted Hive designed and created.  Kristine lives outside Melbourne and has some beautiful decorating ideas and craft projects.

Hemming my fabric for the Advent Calendar above.

Yesterday's Google feature was Dr Who which is celebrating 50 years and James is a huge fan and he was so excited when he saw this on my computer.

James birthday is this week so I've made Lego Chocolates which are going on top of cupcakes for his class.  I borrowed the mold off my friend Karin who purchased it from The Lego Education Centre some time ago.

Sienna on her scooter at Ramp Attack which is a big warehouse with ramps and things for kids and their scooters. I've posted other pictures here back in July of the venue.

James doing a jump into the foam pit....they love this...they ride down a huge ramp and up the other side to the top into the foam pit.  The scooter usually goes one way and the kids go the other.

More scootering by James.

James taking some time out from scootering to eat some popping candy.  You can see how much of a sweat they work up from all that scootering.

Sienna totally exhausted after over 2 hours riding her scooter up and down the ramps.


  1. Phew...what a busy week :)
    And, OH my goodness...I have a lego crazed child in my house who would go ga ga for a lego chocolate mold - VERY COOL!!

  2. Your Christmas trees were a great find. We don't have a Kmart locally - but we have been having those afternoon storms too.

  3. great photos.
    love the black and white one of your living space.
    also can't wait to check out your advent calendar :)
    we did one last year and i am in the midst of planning this years. such fun!