Sunday, November 17, 2013


Sunday rolls around pretty quickly and it's time for another Weekly Stills inspired by Emma at The Beetle Shack.  Here's what happened in our world this week and there are lots of photos.

I took photos of all the kids in Sienna's class for their Christmas Project for the parents.

This is on top of Sienna's drawers next to her bed and what she looks at when she goes to sleep.

We are moving to a school closer to home so this week we have purchased new backpacks and uniforms.

A batch of delicious cupcakes with my favourite recipe from Christine at Slow Living Essentials.

The storm over our suburb last week with the rest of the photos here.

The kids playing a made up game by James and the washing trolley is in the house because Sienna uses it as a pram for her stuffed animals.  Glad it has a dual purpose, my washing and toy pram.

Cutting my first batch of home made soap.  Rhonda from Down to Earth has a tutorial here.

The soap has to cure for 6 weeks and ready in time for Christmas.

The kids playing out the back on Friday afternoon.

Playing beautifully on the trampoline together today.  It's currently in the middle of the yard because I had to mow under it last week and the kids wanted me to leave it there for a few days.

James in his room showing me his drawings he was going to blue-tack to the wall.

Some of his artwork, my favourite is the Magician with the top hat.  We used this picture to go on his school books for 2013.  I took a photo and printed 4 pictures to a 6x4 and all his books have this on it so it's easy to recognize his books.

His room at age 9.

Her room at age 7.

The kids put some batteries in their Furby's today and wanted my phone to play some music to them because they start dancing when they hear music.

The rain the other night made this huge puddle in about 30 minutes.

Lots of mud as a result of the rain and this is just what kids should be doing....getting outdoors and getting dirty.

Yes...this is my outdoors girl and she went and changed into her old togs and went crazy putting mud all over herself and absolutely loved it........she said she was like Peppa Pig.

And you just have to put mud everywhere.

Some bread we made in the breadmaker yesterday using spelt flour.  It was a little too heavy so I gave the kids and open sandwich for lunch however Sienna wasn't that keen on it.  Today I toasted the bread, put some BBQ sauce, ham and cheese on the toast and then grilled them in the oven.  I cut them into toasted fingers and they both wanted me to make some.  I would say this healthy bread is a "toasting" bread rather than a sandwich bread.  I was pleased Sienna ate the bread like this as it's better then store bought white bread.

Last nights sunset over the fence, same view as the storm clouds the other night.


  1. Oh my goodness, those photos of Sidna in the mud are priceless! This is a lovely varied collection which really gives a sense if your week. And you have quite the budding artist there too :).

  2. Hi Kathy, visiting again from Em at The Beetle Shack. :)
    It's been quite the week for storms hasn't it? I've been watching the storms around Brisbane as l often use the 512km radar on the BOM site to see what's happening up and down the coast.
    Lovely photos from your week, off to check out the rest of your storm photos now.

  3. Playing in the mud is all kinds of magic! What a wonderful Mumma you are to encourage such adventures. And soap making...magnificent! Hope your week is a lovely one :) x

  4. Love the playing in the mud! I have a great photo of one of my children tearing around in our muddy backyard. Although he didn't change out of his school uniform!
    Soap making -a great idea for Christmas gifts.

  5. What a busy week - I love how much James' room has changed in only 2 years, he's so grown up now! It's fab to see a photo of you too, homemade soap is a great idea for Christmas presents

  6. I love the clouds! And the mud - oh my goodness. I would be freaking out.

  7. Beth I have learnt that the hose is your best friend in these situations....after all it's only dirt and water to start's great for kids to get dirty and not always be keeping clean. Mind you I did tell Sienna not to get muddy before school the next day, the mud pit was out of bounds but on the weekend....hey...........just being a kid is fun. Kathy

  8. Oh MUD! Excellent :) My two would be in their absolute element. So impressed with the soap making - looks like a good result from what I can see. Love your boys drawings on the wall. Thanks for popping over to my blog, your comment really made me chuckle. Thanks, Holly.x