Monday, November 11, 2013


I love posting the Weekly Stills as it's a reminder to take in the everyday stuff in your life so again I'm linking up with Emma at The Beetle Shack.

James and Sienna's reaction to finding out their Pop from Melbourne is coming for a visit - PURE EXCITMENT!!!

James with his one hour of screen time on the weekend on the iPad.

Sienna helping me make Vanilla Extract for the first time.  I've been wanting to do this for ages.

The finished bottle of Vanilla Extract ready to go into the pantry to do it's magic.  So simple.

Pegging out some washing before I start the lawn mowing.

A having a little rest on the trampoline...

The kids in the lounge doing some drawing activities.

A Birthday Chocolate Cake I made for my sister using my new Aldi Cake Tin.

A new cookbook I bought from Target with some fabulous Quinoa Recipes...this is a superfood I am getting into my kids.  We have already used the Quinoa Flakes in our breakfast cereal we make up.

This is the flakes mixed with some smoked praprika, salt and a little bit of olive oil to coat the chicken.

Ready for 20-25 minutes in the oven....super easy.  It's like a crunchy coating on the chicken.

 Backyard afternoon light....just caught it before it went down.

I helped out with Sienna's class this week taking them to their swimming lessons.

My friend's son having a little rest and tv time when I was visiting.

James doing his science experiment.  This was an egg that had been put into a cup of vinegar and left 5 days.  The shell can then be washed off (yes washed off) and you are left with a sort of bouncy ball inside of the egg.  They did some practising at school and they got one to bounce 20cm and 30cm however this one just ended up being egg yolk once he cracked into it.  They left them at school for 2 weeks in the cups, ours was only left for 5 days due to some impatience from someone, namely James.

Decor around our home.

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  1. I am intrigued by the bouncy egg, and very admiring of your vase and flowers - cool and elegant. That top shot is brilliant!