Monday, November 4, 2013


Linking up with Emma at The Beetle Shack for the Weekly Stills Collection.

A beautiful sunset from our back yard instead of the big storm that was predicted.

On a major health kick before the end of the year closes and this was my dinner on the BBQ.

Kids doing homework in the afternoon.

My beautiful happy children, I love them so much.  Other photos in the photo shoot over here.

Afternoon light and shadows in the kitchen which I'm always drawn to.

Some carrot muffins I made for the kids school lunch boxes however they didn't like them so I won't be making them again.  I couldn't try them myself because of my health kick so gave some to the neighbours to test out and while they said they were okay they weren't the best.  Ditching that recipe.

While squatted on the ground to take a photo of Rosie and Jazzie, Rosie came running towards my camera to say hello to me.

James and Sienna playing a made up game with cards and a few coins from their money box.

Halloween Trick or Treat with the neighbourhood.  Rest of the photos can be seen here.

Sienna just like the chickens, came running towards my camera at the Spooky Groovy Disco at school so is completely out of focus but I love her cheeky smile.

James making Anzac biscuits in the Thermomix.

Chocolate Slice Sienna made on Saturday morning.  This is the recipe with crushed up Weet-Bix in it.

James and Sienna making home made Tortilla's for dinner.  Sienna rolling them and James cooking them.

Sienna working with the Tortilla Dough from this recipe.  We halved the recipe to make 8 Tortilla's.

The kids eating their Tortilla Wraps which they made for dinner.

The kids love these and can't wait to make them again.  So easy and yummy.


  1. I love to see the photos of your lovely children learning all these skills and preparing food - you are bringing them up to be strong, healthy, self-sufficient adults :). And wishing you success with the health kick!

  2. Thanks Alexa for your kind words. I want the kids to be confident at cooking anything and they both know that what we mare from scratch at home is way better for you and tastes better. As I'm writing this I'm watching a tv show I taped called "young Dumb and Living off Mum" which is an English show about 19-23 year olds who don't work, don't know how to cook and expect their Mother to iron their clothes, clean their rooms for them and hand out money to them to party. I know that I indulge my children in love and hugs and home made food and teach them how to grow veggies in the backyard. The tv show shows kids who have been indulged by their Mother as their slave and at 20 they EXPECT their mother to still be their slave. Shocking really. Kathy

  3. Great to see kids in the kitchen! It looks a lot like my house!