Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween

Halloween is becoming more of a kids thing in Australia in the past few years and since moving here a couple of years ago we have enjoyed the neighbourhood Trick or Treat that gets organized and this was our third year.  We also have a Spooky Disco on at school tonight so the kids are looking forward to that as well.  Here's the costumes James and Sienna wore and some photos from our Treat or Treating last night.  I should have read the note correctly because we were supposed to meet at 5.00 pm however I thought it was 5.30 pm so at 5.20 pm I checked the note and realized we were late so we promptly raced out the door to catch up with all the kids.

I had already discussed with the kids that perhaps we should go to every second house instead of every house because seriously there is so much lollies and whilst I love lollies and don't mind the kids eating them this activity brings in way too much to have in this household.  The kids still ended up with a full bucket of sweets which they are going to share with their school friend today which is great.  The picture of the bucket at the bottom was when we first started out and our neighbour kindly topped up the kids buckets with sweets as they had too many as well.  James was supposed to be the "walking dead" and I thought his acting skills for my photo were excellent (yeah for James co-operating in a photo when asked without too much trouble).  Sienna was a witch and wasn't interested in wearing a skirt so wore shorts but had her skeltons around her neck and her long fake fingers with red nail polish.  They have a lot of fun so I'm glad we didn't miss out on the whole thing.

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  1. They look great in these costumes ... Feels strange to be seeing the festivities in daylight and in seemingly warm weather! Here, Hallowe'en is associated with the dark, and it's probably raining and cold too!