Thursday, November 14, 2013

Brisbane Sky Tonight

Well the rain that had finally been promised as coming all week finally arrived during the day and a huge downpour in about 30 minutes which flooded some of  the backyard.  I had reminiscing thoughts of the rain at the beginning of the year where I renamed our house "The Lake House".  Before the rain hit I grabbed the camera and went outside and took some photos of the sky.  The second lot of rain has just come and gone as of 9.30 pm however it was the cracks of thunder and lightening that woke James up and had me thinking OMG that's so loud even for me.  It has subsided thankfully and at least the lawn and plants are getting a good soaking now which was well needed.  Here's some photos of the incredible rain coming.


  1. Wow, I really like that fourth one in,particular! glad to hear about the rains, finally.

  2. Awesome shots Kathy !! I bet there will be many more opportunities as summer continues.