Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Letter to Santa

In line with Sharon's post today here's a copy of Sienna's letter to Santa.  My first question to her when I read this was "What is a Party Rocker" because I don't think Santa has ever heard of it before and the only thing I know about party rockers is part of a song aka  "Party Rockers in the house tonight".  Sienna explained that it was a smaller version of the Furby and she has drawn a pretty good picture of it for Santa on her letter.  The kids have to bring their letter in for Show & Tell this week so I made sure I took a photo of it before it goes off to school tomorrow.  Santa brought James and Sienna a Furby last year and they have been without batteries for most of the year and in the last week the kids have fired up these little creatures.....they are noisy and sometimes rude by burping and farting.....all the things kids love.  They love dancing to music and they do talk to one another in their own special language.  They are totally weird but my kids love them.


  1. Awh, "if you can't handle two"....she's adorable :)

  2. I know.........how cute.....cracks me up......Kathy

  3. The furby's must have been the perfect gift if she is asking for the same thing this year!

    ps I love children's handwriting.

  4. Oh how cute. Love the illustrations - Santa has no excuse for getting it wrong!