Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Camping at Neurum Creek Bush Retreat

This weekend we went camping to Neurum Creek Bush Retreat which is about 1.5 hrs from Brisbane near Woodford.  Yesterday was a pupil free day so we had a 3 day weekend which was great to be able to get away camping again.  We had planned to go on Friday afternoon however there was a massive rain storm and we decided that setting up camp in the dark and rain wouldn't be the best option so at the last minute (I was actually putting my sandshoes on about 5 minutes from leaving home) and our group decided to call it off that night and sleep in a warm dry bed at home and we would all leave early in the morning instead.

We arrived at our camp site about 8.30 am and then started the task of setting up camp and both James and Sienna were amazing little helpers.  This was mainly due to the very lengthy talk and discussion I had with them on Friday night and Saturday morning about how everyone has to pitch in and help Mummy other wise we won't be going again.  Along with helping their enthusiasm had to also be at optimum levels because there is nothing worse than someone helping you with a grumpy look whilst rolling their eyes and saying things like "are we done yet", "is that it".  So out of a possible 10 both kids deserved a 15 because they were fantastic.  I did however get the grumpy, rolling eyes attitude from both of them after the weekend was over and it was then time to get stuck into the packing up however I certainly appreciated their great behaviour when we had to spend the time setting everything up in the beginning.  I'll be working on the "now it's time to pack it all up with enthusiasm" speech next time.

Neurum Creek Bush Retreat is a great family camping site and dog friendly (not that we have a dog) but it does make it easier to get away if you can bring the dog and the kids loved the fire, the bike track and the creek.  They couldn't pick which was the highlight as they loved it all.  We have been there a few times over the years and it's always great.  I bought a couple of blow up boats from Kmart on Friday so they could spend time on the river paddling up and down.

Here's some photos from our camping weekend.

Friday, October 18, 2013


Joining in with Emma at the Beetle Shack for weekly stills and here's a few pictures of things that have been happening around here.

Our Jasmine is in flower at the moment.

James and Sienna having some afternoon tea after school.

Sienna showing me some maths homework with a number line.

Vanilla Cupcakes and Sprinkles.

Yum, Yum.

James playing a game with Sienna out the back.

The day after camping Sienna set this up in the toy room...I think she misses the tent.

This was Sienna dressed up in "olden days" costume the last week before the school holidays.

James and Sienna playing a very serious game of domino's.

Monday, October 14, 2013

September Holiday Photos

The last week of the school holidays we went camping and stayed in a caravan park that had a surf beach on one side and the river on the other side which made it perfect for kids and parents alike.  I haven't had a chance to go through all the photos yet however here's some that I have.

Crab Hunting on the Beach with torches at night

Tate and James with their Boogie Boards

Sienna in the surf....she loves the water.

Flying the kite

Sienna on the beach

At our camp site (no blow dryer for my hair - this is the result)

Our camp site for the week

Would you believe it they only slept in on one day - the last day of holidays.

Romy on the beach - I love this photo of her

Scooters were the main transport for the kids around the caravan park

Late afternoon at the beach with the kite and cricket was played on this flat stretch of beach

First morning at our camp site and Sienna is playing Solitaire

Sienna, James and Tate catching some waves