Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Week in the Life - Day 2

Here are my photos for Day 2 for Week in the Life.  Half way through the day I got called up to say Sienna was sick so I had to collect her and bring her home.  We grabbed some medicine and DVD's on the way home to settle in for the afternoon with her pink bunny for company.

In the morning and time to empty the dishwasher.

Coffee time at home.

A trip to the chemist for Sienna who was feeling unwell.

Sienna resting on the couch with her pink bunny for company.

Sienna's DVD choice of "Ice Age 4"

Beautiful fluffy white clouds this afternoon against a blue sky.

This turkey is a pest and even though we live right near bush land they insist on flying into people's backyards and causing havoc.  This was about the 15th time I had chased it out of our backyard that afternoon and he was back again on the fence.

Backyard Lavender.


  1. Awh poor Sienna, there's nothing worse than seeing a little sick child curled up feeling poorly. Hope see feels better soon.

  2. We have those coffee mugs, and I had a similarly sick little one yesterday. Nice to see another Aussie!!

  3. So sorry to read Siena is poorly and hope she is better soon. Am intrigued by the bird n the fence - is it a turkey?

  4. Alexa that is the "annoying" turkey........... they are pests in suburban backyards as they did up everything however protected. Regards Kathy

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