Sunday, September 8, 2013


Here's my weekly link up with Emma from The Beetle Shack for what's been happening in our life this past week.  Not your average week due to a Giant Pink Bunny that has made it's appearance in and around Brisbane.  The Brisbane Festival is on at the moment and this pink bunny was designed by Stormie Mills for "The Stormie Mills Project" which features a number of these huge pink bunny's dropped off under darkness to new locations around the city.  Yesterday the pink bunny was at Mt Cootha Lookout so my sister and I took the kids up there to check it.

The designer said that he wanted to create something that would make people happy and it was something that was completely unexpected.  Well I think he nailed the brief, because a huge pink bunny is definately not what you would expect to see as is completely "unexpected" and it did make people happy seeing it.  I have lots of photos so of the big pink bunny so here you go.  Bunny's have been seen at Carindale Shopping Centre, Woolloongabba, University of Queensland, The Barracks and on the 1st floor of a city building near the glass window.  You can see other people's Instagrams photos of the Bunny around Brisbane at #sharethebunnylove or #thestormiemillsproject or #bnefest

1-7 Pink Bunny at Mt Cootha Lookout in Brisbane.
8.    James, Sienna and I and Sienna's pink bunny at Mt Cootha.
9.  James checking out the Brisbane view.
10.  James and Sienna up at the top Lookout point.
11.  Another view of Brisbane.
12.  Aunty Lisa with James and Sienna (Lisa is my sister).
13.  Sienna at the polling booth yesterday.
14.  Outside the polling booth and their green shirts weren't "party related" just what they wore.
15.  KWH (aka "Kids Were Here") this morning I woke up to this.
16.  KWH yes it was everywhere but the kids were laughing and playing for about 2 hrs together this morning so I didn't mind.  Half of it is cleaned up now and the other half we will have to get to.


  1. That is an unusual sight...hehe but in a good way. I wonder if it's coming to Sydney?

    PS: I'm hosting an Airwick candle giveaway today and hope you will enter:

  2. that pink bunny is hilarious but l love you last two photos even more. It's like taking a glimpse into all our homes where life resides with little ones. Have a great week. x