Saturday, September 28, 2013


Joining up with Emma at The Beetle Shack here are a few photos which are a collection of the last couple of weeks that haven't made it to the blog.

James on his ripstick at the park.

Sienna throwing a boomerang in the park and it did come back!

James throwing the boomerang in the park and he got it to come back as well!

A friendly game of netball with our friends was lots of fun until I fell over and grazed my knee.  Ouch!

James practicing his magic tricks with cards.

Family dinner in the evenings.

James Dream Catcher he made in art class at school on display at our "Arts Alive" night.

Sienna's drawing of a character in a book the Grade 2's were reading on the wall at the "Arts Alive" show.

James pirate ship drawing for the "Arts Alive" evening at school.

KWH - (aka kids were here).  I said they could get the shredder machine out of it's box! (big mistake I think on surveying this scene)

Magic Show seating by Sienna with her animal friends ready for James and I to take a seat.

Sienna thinks of everything and made up a box with apples for us to enjoy while we watched her show.  Little things like that just make me smile.


  1. Free apples - that is adorable!! I also love that they play with boomerangs!!

  2. I smiled at the free apples too - there is one thoughtful little lady! I love the action shots in the park and hope the knee is a lot better now ..