Monday, September 16, 2013


This week was a huge week participating on Ali Edwards "Week in the Life" Project which is about documenting your everyday life, routines and surroundings for 7 days.  I've done this project for 5 years now and this is a favourite photo project of mine.  I love looking back at each year to see how we were living, what we were doing, what we were into and our general life from year to year.  My 2012 Week in the Life can be seen here.   Here are some stills from this week and my 7 days for 2013 photos can be seen below this post.

DVD the kids have been wanting to watch.

The CityCat Ferry on the Brisbane River.

Time for a coffee break.

New books purchased from the School's Book Fair.

 James deciding on his books to buy at the Book Fair & Dress up in your favourite Sports outfit Day.

Have been watching "Slide Show" on TV lately with the kids.

KWH - (aka Kids Were Here) Sienna's ugg boots get around and her playing cards.

Sienna getting a hair cut.

The price of petrol at the moment is at it's highest and I was completely out in both tanks (ouch $$$$)

Sienna home half day from school as she was unwell and her pink bunny is keeping her company.

My birthday yesterday, it's one of those ones that end in an "0". Rest of the photos can be seen here.

Birthday roses from Mum and my sister.


  1. Hi Kathy! This is my first time posting on your blog, but l've visited quite a bit over the past few months. Seems like we have really similar tastes in blogs....seen you post in Ali's and Elise's...and now we've participated in the same link up at The Beetle Shack :)
    I think your photographs are great, love the clarity in them....l also really love seeing some familiar 'aussie' shots. You get so used to seeing USA based images, it's a lovely change to see some from our own country.
    Take care Kathy, and see you around!

  2. What a beautiful photo of you! You look just radiant ... Happy, happy Birthday!

  3. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely Chrisy and Alexa....