Sunday, September 1, 2013


Linking up with Emma at The Beetle Shack for our "Weekly Stills Collection" here's what's been happening in our life lately.

The Weekly Stills Collection details below.

1.     Sienna listening to music while she cleaned her entire room up by herself.
2.     Sienna adores her big brother and she gave him a lovely card she made.
3.     Inside the card and Sienna explained that she drew a picture of her and James laughing.
4.     Sienna doing her Grade 2 project with Granny on "things from the olden days".
5.     Granny brought over her Mum's beaters (my grandmother which would have been Sienna's
        great grandmother).  These beaters and recipe book would be over 50 years old.
6.     James and Granny (my Mum) working on his "electrical device".
7.     James playing with the "160 in one electrical projects kit" which he loves.
8.     Fresh fruit platter for lunch with a touch of my favourite thing - chocolate.
9.     James getting his trophy for the 2013 AFL presentation at our Club.
10.   Parents vs Kids Match at our Club after the trophy presentation.
11.   Granny giving Sienna a hug goodbye after the trophy presentation for James was over.
12.   KWH - aka "Kids were Here".  This one belongs to Sienna.


  1. It's lovely that your children get on like that, we have the same with my oldest two. They do bicker like mad also, but they are so close too, and it so lovely to watch them being nice to each other. I really enjoyed your photos this week. :)

  2. I love your little KWH additions each week, they are so special! x

  3. Wow - how good is your fruit platter?! Such a beautiful collection of moments captured xx