Monday, August 26, 2013


I have been linking up with Emma at The Beetle Shack for a few weeks now for a Collection of Weekly Stills and here are some previous posts here, here, here and here.

This is the round up for this week in our lives:-

This week's line up are as follows:-

1.    Sunflower in our veggie garden.
2.    At the start of the 5km Fun Run to support Spina Bifida see here for more photos.
3.    KWH - aka "Kids Were Here" - Sienna's Ugg Boots.
4.    James choice of reading.
5.    My choice of reading.
6.    James and Sienna playing with his Beyblades.
7.    Inside the Beyblades Battle arena.
8.    These horses live about 100 metres from our house.
9.    Baking these Apple & Oat Muffins with Sienna.
10.  Sports Day at the Oval.
11.  James doing his long jump.
12.  James running his 100 metres - he is 2nd on the left.
13.  Sienna running her 60 metres - she is 2nd on the right in yellow.
14.  We had a full moon this week over our house.


  1. What beautiful colours in this collection. 1 2 3 - let her rip! Is a constant refrain in our house too xx

  2. Your photos are so clear ... I especially like number 3.

  3. that sunflower just glows! and I love getting a glimpse of people's reading - I'll have to check out those wholefood cook books!

  4. What a week full of loveliness...sun , sports ,reading and food.
    We had an awesome moon too but wasn't able to capture it as lovely as you did. xxx

  5. Wow! Proof that spring is just around the corner (actually it arrived today). I love seeing what other people are reading, I cant wait to see what you cook out of your new books! x