Monday, August 5, 2013


Joining in with Emily at "The Beetle Shack" for our Weekly Stills.

This weeks collection of photos goes something like this.

1.    Homegrown Wombok (also known as Chinese Cabbage).
2.    James rugged up on the couch reading his latest book.
3.    This week was our turn to wash the footy jersey's for the team.
4.    First attempt at home made Tortilla's which got a 10 out of 10 from the kids.  Recipe here.
5.    My new terrarium that I put together last week.
6.    KWH - aka kids were here.
7.    Homemade biscuits for school lunches. Recipe from Rhonda's blog here.
8.    Sienna's drawing of an owl which is her favourite creature.
9.    The reading nook with new newly hung DIY artwork.
10.  Sienna collecting our daily eggs from the chicken coop.


  1. Gorgeous shots Kathy!! LOVE your DIY artwork!! Xx

  2. what is that latest book your young man is reading? love the footy jerseys! visiting via Em xx

  3. I love the read nook the art the baking.. :)
    Great post x

  4. Great set of shots - love the owl so much
    We keep planning a terrarium...must get around to it soon
    Do you join the KWH monthly post?

  5. It looks like you have had a full week.
    One of my boys has those same pj's :)
    I love the photo of your reading nook.
    Have a beautiful week.

  6. Beautiful still shots! The reading nook is lovely (I have the same cushion :)) - I'm really enjoying the weekly stills posts


  7. Hi Kathy, Lovely photos. I'm definitely going to try out your recipe for the tortillas! THey look amazing! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be back here for sure! xxJen

  8. I have just posted the link for the DIY Birth date Artwork.

    Also the KWH - Kids were here blog link. Take a moment to look through some of these...I love the trucks in the wooden blinds. I don't participate to the blog but I do have children who make it easy for me to take photographs proving that "Kids Were Here". The Blog is amazing. Here is a post I did in July of some photos of KWH.

    I'm not sure what the name of that book I photographed James reading however he is finished that and is now onto "Peter Nimble and the Fantastic Eyes with 462 pages". Regards Kathy

  9. That is one good looking Wombok! I bet it tasted delicious.

    And thank you for your kind comment re our pics :-)

  10. My favourite is that lovey photo of Siena - and was glad to read the explanation for all those jerseys. At first I thought they were all yours!