Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fun Run 5km for Spina Bifida

Today we did a 5 km Fun Run to support the Spina Bifida Organization which commenced underneath the Story Bridge and ended in the same spot.  When everyone was back the kids were treated to some wonderful "Life Be In It" games which kept them engaged and entertained and of course we all enjoyed a sausage in bread and a soft drink for lunch.

James and his friend ran the entire 5 kms without stopping (go boys!!).  Sienna ran most of the 5 kms (go girl!!) and I walked 3 kms and took some lovely photos along the way given that it was beside the Brisbane River and opposite the city.  Here's some photos from our morning enjoying the Brisbane winter sun.

Above - the warm up was enough to make us all want a rest
afterwards however the music was great.  James said it was like a disco.

Above - I was so impressed with James, Sienna and their friend running
up the front with the big boys from Churchie Boys College.  

Alove - Sienna in the pink and purple kids totally impressed me with their stamina today.

Above - This is Will who we were there to support...look at that cute face and big eyes.

Above - That's James being thrown up in the air and lands on the parachute (not sure what's it's called).

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