Monday, July 15, 2013

The Samford Show - Part 2

There is something about supporting your local community and attending the Samford Show made me feel good.  For instance, all the money raised from the "piggy races" were for the Disabled Riding School as they were wanting to get a roof over their riding area so the kids could still ride even if the weather wasn't very good.  You purchased a $2 raffle ticket to go into the draw to get a pig and before the race started they drew out a ticket and if you won you got to pick a piggy of your choice by it's fancy colourful sequence vest.

Sienna was 2 off getting a piggy and my friend Jo was one off getting a piggy.  Oh well, maybe next year however it was a lot of fun and the compare certainly knew how to work the crowd too.  They picked kids out of the crowd to name the pigs before the race and that process was quite entertaining.  A great little crowd pleaser and the little pigs once they heard the starting call (like the horse race start) they all squealed and ran into the starting gates which looked so funny and made everyone laugh.  The owner of the pigs spread milk around the obstacle course so the piggies would head in the right direction to the finishing bales of hay.  The first gate had a latch on it with a little square section which held a couple of teaspoons of milk and as the piggies drank it they pushed this latch down and the gate opened.  The piggy races was my favourite part of the day as it was so entertaining and considering that the actual race of the pigs running is over in about 2 minutes the lead up to the race is great entertainment for about 30 minutes.

The big worm was a big hit with the kids as it was sort of like a jumping castle but an obstacle course full of air. They loved it and at the end there is a big slide down to the bottom where the worms face is where you get in and out.  Here's some more photos from The Samford Show.

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