Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tennis Camp

Today was virtually the first predicted fine day in the last seven so it was a perfect opportunity for the kids to have a day at Tennis Camp running around and burning up some energy.  They always have a good day out and I had a chance to catch up on some washing since it was a sunny day.  Note:  this is our Queensland winter and kids don't feel cold meanwhile I'm in long pants and long sleeves but it was a nice sunny day about 22 degrees.


  1. That looks both fun but summery too - even though it is winter with you? Hope you got loads of washing dried. And that the ironing fairy comes!

  2. Its fantastic that you do so much with and for your kids, like tennis, the circus and the fete - its great fun to get little glimpses in your summer together. And I couldn't agree more with you about me getting out and about more - I'm thinking of joining a running club after the summer which will help me get fit and meet more people, so thanks for the idea :)