Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ramp Attack

James has been to "Ramp Attack" on one occasion for a birthday party and could not wait to get back there again.  Sienna also was pretty keen to go as well because James had told her all about it and how much fun it was.  Me, on the other hand, well all I think is potential broken bones and it's a good 30-40 drive from our house.  My friend and I took the kids this morning and we went to the "Under 12's" session which is good because the kids don't have to compete scooting around all the big teenager dudes.  Sienna had a bit of a stack (crash) in the first few minutes and was nearly in tears but she kept it together and I explained to her that the surface was slippery and it wasn't like riding on concrete and she should take it slow and then she would get used to the surface.

In case you are trying to find the kids in the photos, Sienna wore a pink top, purple pants and a pink helmet and James wore blue army pants and a green top and black helmet.  It's kid heaven in there and they get to use every muscle in their body hence now they are lying on the couch saying they are so sore and exhausted (so in other words a great morning was had by all).  The kids are on the go the whole time so it's great exercise for them for 2 hours.  The session was 9-12 however we did 10-12 which was plenty of time for them.  It's a very noisy place because you have scooters non stop hitting the ground from over 100 kids so it's not as relaxing for me as taking them roller skating where it's quieter with music however I promised them we would go this holiday so we can tick that off our list.  Basically it's a big warehouse in an industrial area with lots of ramps and lots of kids, making lots of noise but my kids loved me for it.


  1. My, that looks like a fun place, as long as you have ear plugs! What a great idea - not seen anything like that here. What a good Mum you are, making it possible for them and being encouraging when it's hard at first; a medal is in order, I think!

  2. Thankyou for this fantastic writeup Kathy with photos showing off the place. So glad you all enjoyed the experience which is just what the park is about. The photos you have taken are fantastic, do you mind if we use any of them or your comments for our new website or facebook /social media pages? These have captured exactly what we're trying to offer to the community, good, clean and simple fun for kids to have with friends. Its great to hear James and Sienna had fun time. :)
    Sincerely Karen from RampAttak