Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kids Were Here Project (KWH)

A few weeks ago I came across a photography project called "KWH" aka kids were here where a group of photographers took photos around their house that indicated that "kids were here".  I loved the idea and the amazing photos and I'm sure we have all had those moments where we find a toy in a strange place and smile.  If you go to the blog my favourite photo is the one of the white wooden blinds with the truck and cars hanging off it.  I'm glad my little ones haven't done that before however it was a stunning photo that represented that kids were here.  If you don't have little kids you could focus on "TWH" as in teenagers were here which may involve iPods, hairbrushes, shoes left everywhere the possibilities are endless.

In light of this subject I've taken a few photos of my own.  These are just snapshot photos and nothing to artistic like the photos on the KWH blog however they do make me smile just the same.


  1. Hey don't knock your own photography skills these photos are just as creative as the KWH ones - especially that last one, it would fit in perfectly with the collection :)

  2. Thanks Martina..........I must admit the last one is my favourite and I took a few photos to get the one I wanted. Regards Kathy