Monday, July 8, 2013

Home made Birds and Nest

Yesterday Sienna decided she wanted to make two little birds out of eggs and a birds nest so she set about gathering supplies in the way of leaves and twigs from the garden and glue and paint from inside along with two eggs which she blew out the yolk and egg white.  Armed with these supplies, a little table and a little stool she set about to create sitting in the warm cozy sun.

She first painted the and painted some leaves for feathers and tails and then she needed some help starting the nest.  I lay down the four twigs for the base and then she built it from there.  After that was done she cut up some strips of newspaper for the birds to sit on.  The little project took a while and she was quite happy sitting in the sun for ages.

She knows Aunty Lisa loves birds and asked me when her birthday is however it's not until November so for now I took a photo on my iPhone and sent it to Granny and Aunty Lisa which they both loved.  Here's the activity as it unfolded on a warm winter's Sunday morning.  I love the last photo the best as you can tell she is so thrilled with her little birds and nest.

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