Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cubby House

On Sunday Sienna decided to make a cubby house in her room with some towels and pegs and set it up complete with disco ball, colouring pens and blankets.  She has been so thrilled with it that she hasn't been watching TV and playing in her cubby house in the mornings and afternoons.  She actually did her homework in there on Sunday.

James thought it seemed like a good idea so he made himself one at the end of his bed and had his turn of 30 mins on the iPad snug in his cubby house.  I took these photos of them in their home made cubby houses which makes me laugh.  I love it when kids are just being kids the old fashioned way.  Well James did have some technology with him at the time but given it's only 30 minutes I didn't mind.


  1. That looks like fun! I know what you mean, old fashion play is such a pleasure to see. :)


  2. What great cubbies! Looks like fun!